7 Tips to Increase Your Visitor-to-Conversation Ratio


A quality live customer service app will help you to engage, acquire, and retain customers.
Here are 7 tips to increase your “visitor-to-conversation” ratio.

1. Make sure your live customer service app button is visible and understandable

Regardless if you are using a Slaask widget button or a customized button, you should make an effort to ensure that it is well displayed and easy to understand for your visitors. They should be able to understand very quickly (even instantly!) that this button is there for them to be able to get real-time answers to their questions. This can be accomplished by carefully considering:

  • The design of your live customer service app button

We recommend you use a genuine image of a smiling human face to make your visitors feel welcome. At least use a common live customer service app symbol so that your visitors will immediately understand that this site offers live customer service communication.

  • The position of your live customer service app button

We recommend placing your live customer service app button at the bottom right-hand corner of your site, as many studies have shown that this is the best location for it.

2. Auto-adapt your live customer service app language to your visitor’s language

You can imagine it would be a little awkward if your visitors were not able to understand the language being used for your live customer service app. It is likely they would quickly give up trying to communicate with you, and possible that they wouldn’t even try at all.
Go to your Slaask account and check if you have already enabled the multilingual widget feature. By using this feature, your live customer service app’s language settings will automatically adjust to your visitor’s web browser language settings, resulting in flawless translations of your communication!

3. Define a nice welcome message

A nice welcome message is one of the most useful ways to make your visitors aware that there is live customer service app available to them! 😉 At the end of your welcome message, you should always invite them to chat with you directly.

Imagine you are a salesperson at a brick-and-mortar boutique. What would you say or do to encourage your potential customers to let you know what they think? I suppose you already have something in mind: some go-to phrase that usually does the trick.

4. Set appropriate pre-chat questions

By setting up pre-chat questions, it might seem like you are going against the spirit of live chat. It’s true that it may feel less spontaneous or authentic for your visitors to start a chat by submitting their generic information.
It’s up to you to find the right balance between qualifying (or not) your chat sessions and possibly starting your chat session on a less-than-ideal note.

5. Use triggers

If you know that some of your web pages are confusing, you should make sure that Slaask has been deployed there. For your information, Slaask basic/alert triggers have also been designed to help you convey a specific message to encourage visitors to ask questions related to a specific page. Even better, you can also customize messages specifically for certain groups of visitors based on their personal information.

6. Deploy Slaask on your mobile applications

Internet users spend more time on their smartphones than on traditional desktops, and this trend is only moving further in the direction of mobile. Embrace this segment of your visitors, and keep up with the trend by deploying Slaask on your mobile apps. By doing so, you are sure to increase your visitor-to-conversation ratio.

7. Imagine you were a visitor to my site. Would you want to chat?

Ask yourself this question, and ask your friends as well, in order to get the most objective evaluation of your live customer service app settings. As an example, if your friends are not able to locate the live customer service app button on your site, don’t expect your visitors to spot it either!